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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – “The Lightning Man” Rides Boulder County Storms


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Photographer sets up shop in electrical heat of recent rainstorms

Call him crazy, he does what he loves:  chasing lightning at night with a camera.  While some Boulder County locals may gripe about the unusually wet and scary weather we’ve been having, James “Bo” Insogna races out into the middle of it.  Insogna, a twenty-year veteran of lightning photography in the Arizona desert, has recently taken on the challenge of capturing Boulder County storms from his home base in Longmont.

“Colorado lightning shoots are proving to be harder and more challenging than my shots in Arizona,” Insogna says.  “There, the warm climate monsoon storms came in at sunset and hung around till 2:00 a.m. when I was lucky.  But in Colorado, the storms come in fast and leave the same way.  I have to move fast and get to a location quickly.”

A severe storm in mid-June had Insogna at the edge of McIntosh Lake in northwest Longmont at 2:00 a.m.  “An amazing storm,” Insogna said, “very intense.”  In 45 minutes he’d shot well over 100 frames to get three or four good images for what he considers a very successful night.  The closer he gets to water, mountain peaks, or unusual land features, the better.  He keeps a list of local features he’d like to photograph under the brilliance of local lightning.  Open space and reservoirs are listed, as well as Front Range peaks that are the backdrop to daily life in Boulder County.  And getting just the right shots can take some time.

“I have settings where I’ve worked for a few years to get Mother Nature to be in the right place at the right time,” Insogna says.  Particularly with his work in the desert.  But lately, Insogna has begun experimenting with combining some images for artistic effect.  “It’s a neat way to add to the drama of landscape, and lighting.”

Insogna’s workday persona is as a portrait and nature photographer through his home-studio business, .  “People and animals are always fascinating in their variety,” Insogna says.  “And lightning?  Well, it’s just got this magnetism that keeps pulling me out of the house.”

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Terry Mast, also of Longmont, wrote this release.  Contact .


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