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Lightning and Rain Over Colorado Rocky Mountain Foothills

Lightning and Rain Over Rocky Mountain Foothills

Color version

Lightning and Rain Over Rocky Mountain Foothills BWBlack and white version

Lightning and Sepia Rain Over Rocky Mountain FoothillsSepia version

Lightning with rain coming down over the front range of the Colorado Rocky Mountain foothills, this is a view from McIntosh Lake in Longmont,  looking center right at the hidden Twin Peaks, Mt Meeker and Longs Peak covered in clouds.  I Started watching the storm as it was hitting behind the foothills in the high country early in the evening.  Also started with a great view with horses but the lightning strikes were behind the hills so that shot did not pan out.  Next was hoping to get this storm in Boulder, and thought of a view from Old Stage Rd. So down 36 I went headed to north Boulder and gassed up.  It has been a while since I have been on that road so I went up Lee Hill Rd made a wrong turn and ended up in Left Hand Canyon.

When I got back down to the foothills, the storm was not hitting like I had hoped for so I bailed for the night.  Then it finally came over the Mountains,  so back out I went hoping for a dream shot of lightning hitting Longs Peak. But the clouds were too low for that view and had to settle for this image. It died out pretty quick so this is all I got.  As I was shooting this image I felt something on my neck some sort of bug so freaking out, hit it off and did not think anything else of it.  Next hit my shutter, turned around to look at something and when I looked back at my camera there was a Praying Mantas sitting on my camera, so now I know what it was.  So we hung out for a while until I called it a night. You just never know what will happen on these storm chase shoots.

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