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Double Yellow Storm Chase

Double Yellow Storm Chase

It’s about 10:00 pm,  about to settle in for the night when I decide to take one last look outside when the sky started to light up.  So off I go to the closest place that it is hitting.  As I am driving I get a text from son telling me the sky is hitting good.  He is my BEST lightning spotter, cause he is always out later in the evening.  So I race to the  lake near my house and as I cross the road over to the lake, in front of me is another storm chaser, pretty funny, so I followed to where I normally would go and then yelled at him “Hey your in my Spot!” . Really did not plan to shot from here just watch to see if there were ground strikes of clear cloud to cloud. The lake was like glass,  and could have been some good reflections. But it was hitting by a view to houses and I am not thrilled with that view. The sky was lighting up pretty good with big giant burst.   Hung out and chatted with him for a few minutes then off to a place that I thought would be good.  Did not like the composition set up and the burst were inside the clouds with a few bolts popping out, but that changes real quick and is always fun to watch.  On the way to the first stop I even saw a cop parked on the side of the road out of his car watching the show.  Now the storm is starting to head east and I can see it hitting in another favorite spot that has a few good compositions to choose from.


So here we are on the double yellow lines, with a little light painting to light them up. When that say isolated thunderstorms you can see how this one is “isolated”, with star trails above and around the thunderhead.  White fence, and that is Colorado I-25 with car light trails buzzing by and lightning hitting in the background.


Would have liked to been here a little earlier  when the bolts were a little closer in but as we say… “it is , what it is” .  At this point it’s almost midnight,  I decided to not chase this storm to Nebraska as it head further east and to head home. I am one that likes the storms to come to me 🙂.  Hope you like this image as much as I did making it.   This is in southwest Weld County, settings – ISO 500 – f3.5 – 28mm – 30 sec exposure.  Hope you love this image as much as I did making it.




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