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Awesome Night Catching Lightning Thunderstorms Time Lapse Mix

Awesome night of  weather chasing and catching springtime lightning thunderstorms in Colorado. A short time lapse mix – Photography by James Bo Insogna – Video and Images (C) all rights reserved.  Music by Silent Partner.

Hope you enjoy. Please feel free to share and comment.  Thanks for watching.

Here are some lightning facts to think about as you watch this video.

  • Lightning is caused by an electrical charge in the atmosphere that is unbalanced.
  • When lightning strikes the ground it seeks out the shortest route to something with a positive charge, this might be a tree, a tall building or if they’re very unlucky, a person.
  • There are bolts of lightning striking somewhere on Earth every second.
  • Lightning contains millions of volts of electricity.
  • The average lightning strike is six miles long.
  • Lightning reaches 50,000 degrees Fahrenheit, fours times as hot as the sun”s surface.
  • A cloud-to-ground lightning channel can be 2 to 10 miles long.
  • Voltage in a cloud-to-ground strike is 100 million to 1 billion volts.

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