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C2G and C2C Lightning Striking the Foothills Of Longs Peak in BW Art

In black and white fine art style, Lightning bolts, cloud to ground and clod to cloud striking the front range foothills of the Colorado Rocky Mountains in Boulder County. A view of the Twin Peaks, Mount Meeker 13,911′ and Longs Peak 14,256′ in the distance. A very rare sight to see because with most storms the cloud cover is low and you can not see the Peaks or Continental Divide. This storm came in fast about 8:30 pm, one thing I have learned about Colorado Lightning storms in the springtime… they come in fast… move fast… and do not last long. For me as soon as I saw some flashes in the sky, out the door and landed where I could to get a composition view of Longs Peak for some dream shots. […] […]