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Super Moon Over City Lights White Rustic Window View

Create a fine art photography optical illusion of a beautiful super full moon night with a view through an old white washed rustic distressed window. […] […]

Cloudy Hazy Denver Colorado September Super Moon

Last of the 2014 super moons, the harvest full moon was on the 8th, we had cloudy skies with no views. This is the 9th the day after the full moon known as Waning Gibbous, with a scenic view of downtown Denver Colorado. There was a brown haze as well as cloudy skies, this is the view looking east from Lookout Mountain on the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Golden Colorado. […]

Full Moon Over Boulder County Colorado City Lights

A portrait view of the 2nd day of the August 2014 supermoon as it is rising over the city lights of Boulder County, Colorado. View looking east from highway 36 north of Boulder on the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. 8-11-14 – 8:33 pm […]

Supermoon 2

Watching the Supermoon, day 2 as it rises above the clouds on the horizon view from North Boulder County Colorado rocky mountain foothills . Day in the life of a storm catcher, photographer Bo Insogna, […] […]

Supermoon 2 Prequel

Waiting for supermoon 2. Monday August 11th, 2014 day two of the supermoon. About 15 minutes after sunset. Moonrise is at 8:33 pm. […]

Supermoon Over Colorado Rocky Mountains Indian Peaks BW

Sunday the 10th of August was the day of the supermoon. It rose at 7:53 pm to a cloudy horizon so there was not a good rising view from Boulder County, or at least from where I was located in North Boulder County. This is the next morning, Monday 8-11-14 as it sets at 7:17 am behind the Colorado Rocky Mountains Indian Peaks. […]