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5-18 Thunderstorm Time Lapse and vBlog Storm Catcher Video

Hanging out at McIntosh Lake, in north Boulder County, Longmont, Colorado, watching the birds, clouds and thunderstorms in the sky come over the front range rockies, ready for some lightning action.

When I go out to catch some lightning images, I go to one of my favorite spots with a 360 view and hang a little  before sunset.  The best shots are with color in the sky and lightning bolts  always on my hot get list. I always have a few compositions I am working on in different directions depending where the storm is hitting.

Last year was a lucky one as I got my shot planned for the summer first time out in early May 2014.  This year has been more rain and cooler temps.  Most of the action has been further out east.  You tend to run into more hail out there too.   I HATE HAIL! So I love staying local ( and run from hail to a safe zone) .  This is my twenty eighth year chasing  and catching lightning storms. At this point I pick and choose my storms. time will tell.

Time lapse and vBlog a day in the life of a storm catcher, photographer Bo Insogna sksk The Lightning Man (C) all rights reserved..

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