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Gobbled Up By a Monster Storm

A monster thunderstorm cloud towering over a rustic rural old homestead farm house in North East Boulder County Colorado on the edge of Longmont. […]

Winter Birdland What an Amazing sight

Winter Tree filled with birds that from a distance look like leaves. Boulder County Colorado. What an amazing sight it was. […]

Boulder County Sunset

A very colorful sunset with a large cottonwood tree silhouette. Life in the country with views like this every day. This is in north east Boulder County, Colorado. […]

Longs Peak 14256 Ft Autumn Aspen View BW

Black and white scenic landscape view of Longs Peak 14,256 feet with autumn aspen trees and clear sky above. […]

Nederland Colorado Barker Reservoir Winter View

Looking cross Barker Reservoir into Nederland Colorado during a deep winter freeze. Single digit temperatures. […]

Light and Tree Branches in Black and White

An abstract portrait view of sunlight shining through tree branches in black and white. […]

Golden Maple Tree Portrait

Golden Maple Tree Portrait […]