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Bull Elk Forest Gazing

A surreal ICM view into the Colorado rocky mountains high elevation forest with a beautiful bull elk during elk rut season. […] […]

Moose Watching Video

Hanging out and watching Moose in the Indian Peaks Wilderness area. Boulder County, Colorado. LOVE THIS PLACE! […]

American Fisherman

Silhouette of a Fisherman Holding a Fishing Pole fly fishing with a background of a USA American red white and blue flag. Filed under: American Patriotic USA Tagged: adult, america, American, angle, angler, angling, catching, fish, fisher, fisherman, fishing, fishingpole, flag, flyfishing, hat, male, Man, person, pole, red white blue, reel, rod, Silhouette, spinner, sport, […] […]

Mom and Dad Bald Eagles

The bald eagle, our national bird, is the only eagle unique to North America. At one time, the word “bald” meant “white,” not hairless. Its distinctive brown body and white head and tail make it easy to identify even from a distance. When flying, the bald eagle very rarely flaps its wings but soars instead, […] […]

Bull Elk Eyes

Bull Elk staring me down looking into the camera no smile only a grumble. This is right before rut season starts in. Fine art Colorado nature landscape wildlife photography prints, decorative canvas prints, acrylic prints, metal prints, greeting cards and stock images by By James Bo Insogna (C) – All Rights Reserved. 303-834-2524 *PLEASE NOTE, […] […] […]