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Lightning Strike Just Outside of Lyons Colorado

This Colorado lightning thunderstorm came in from the northwest over Rocky Mountain National Park and the town of Lyons heading southeast out to Longmont and down to Denver. We were positioned just out of the hard rain and watched it pass us by and stayed dry, my favorite place to be… […]

Nature – Power and Oil

Lightning striking on the horizon of the eastern Colorado plains with a view of power lines and pumpjack of an oil well. July 7th, 2014, 9:53 pm – Settings – ISO 400 – f 5.6 – 15 sec – 260mm – Canon 7D. […]

Thunderstorm Combustion

Cloud to cloud lightning thunderstorm combustion striking in the sky over a country lake north east of Longmont Colorado and Boulder County. This is in SW Weld County. Settings ISO 500 – f11 – 30 sec -11 mm. This is 6 images stacked equal to a three minute exposure, makes for very low noise. June 24th, 2014 10:46pm […]

Electrical Arcing Sky

Lightning bolts giving off electrical arc’s in a stormy night sky above the Colorado Rocky Mountains foothills in north Boulder County. Scenic landscape view from McIntosh Lake in Longmont. 8/5/2009 one year to the day of my fathers passing. Thanks Dad. ISO 320 -15 sec- f9 – 47mm […]

75th and Woodland Lightning Thunderstorm View HDR

A view from 75th Street and Woodland in north Boulder County Colorado looking west toward the Rocky Mountain foothills with car light trails from Woodland Rd as a lightning thunderstorm does it’s magic in the air. […]

Rocky Mountain Foothills Lightning Strikes

Lightning bolts striking the foothills of the front range of the Colorado Rocky Mountains in Boulder County, view from McIntosh Lake, Longmont scenic landscape looking Northwest. […]

Long Lightning Bolt Across American Oil Well Country Sky

Long run lightning bolt soaring across the sky with oil well pump jack and two communication towers. USA American flag patriotic background. Part of the America The Beautiful Fine Art Photography Series at Fine Art Photography Gallery. […]