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Spring Lightning Thunderstorms Time Lapse Video

Colorado spring lightning thunderstorms kicks up in the afternoon and into the evening, a short time lapse. The Storms come in over the rocky mountains and head out east and get real active. […]

Springtime Lightning Thunderstorm on the Colorado Plains -Video

Springtime Lightning Thunderstorm on the Colorado plains. A short time lapse. These are my favorite kinds of storms that are isolated storm cells that put on a nice show. […]

May Thunderstorm Colorado Short Time Lapse Video

North Boulder County Colorado, May thunderstorms a Short Time Lapse. There were a couple lightning strikes but they were too far apart and not while we were filming. […]

New Nature Landscape Fine Art Images Winter 2015

New nature landscape fine art photography Images Winter 2015. Check out more in the iGallery at […]

Beautiful Silverton Colorado

Scenic landscape view of beautiful town Silverton Colorado north of Durango. Silverton is linked to Durango by the Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad, a National Historic Landmark. […] […]

5-18 Thunderstorm Time Lapse and vBlog Storm Catcher Video

Hanging at McIntosh Lake, in north Boulder County, Longmont, Colorado, watching the clouds and thunderstorms in the sky come over the front range rockies ready for some lightning action. […]

Bryce Canyon Sunrise

After a great night of astrophotography in Bryce Canyon National Park, we were lucky to woke up to this beautiful sunrise scenic view. […] […]