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Highway 52 Thunderhead Storm Cell – Two and Half Minutes Lightning Strikes

Highway 52 Storm Cell – Two and Half Minutes Lightning Strikes. This is Lightning thunderstorm east of hwy287 on hwy 52, Boulder County ,Colorado. 08-15-2010. This is a layered image equal to about a 2 1/2 minute exposure. Lightning Facts: Approximately 494,000 cloud to ground lightning flashes occur in Colorado every year. Colorado ranks 26th in the nation (Ron Holle, Global Atmospherics, quoted from the Rocky Mountain News, 30th June, 2001) […]

Highway 52 Lightning Storm Photography Image

HWY 52 – HWY 287 Lightning Storm Image 29. A lightning thunderstorm cell with lightning striking and mean looking clouds. Lightning weather photography. Lightning fact: The chances of being hit by lightning are 1 in 700,000. ( but why take chances!). A cloud-to-ground lightning channel can be 2 to 10 miles long. Voltage in a cloud- to- ground strike is 100 million to 1 billion volts. […]

Lightning Thunderstorm Cell 08-15-10 Photography Image

Lightning Weather Storm Cell Photograph

Cloud to cloud lightning in Boulder County Colorado. Buy Fine art striking nature landscape lightning photography prints, posters, greeting cards and stock images for licensing. Direct 303-834-2524 Toll Free 1-888-682-0122

Lightning affects all regions. Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, New York, Ohio, Texas, Tennessee, Georgia, and Colorado have the […]

Lightning Thunderhead Storm Cell Photography Image

Sunday night the 15th of August, lightning bolt striking from a huge lonely thunderhead storm cell at Hwy 52 and 287. Boulder County, Colorado. […]

Lightning Storm with a Hook

Lightning thunderhead lit up with lightning coming out of the cloud like a hook. Boulder County Colorado. Taken at Hwy 52 and hwy 287. You can also see an aircraft in the image taking off or landing. How would you like to have been on the plane with that view?

Cloud-to-cloud lightning discharges may occur […]

Lightning Man with Head in the Clouds – Image

Man or Chicken Lightning Bolts? Lightning in the shape of a man with his head in the clouds or this could be a Lightning Chicken. What do you think? Post a comment and let me know. […]

Cloud of Lightning in Boulder County Colorado – Photo

This lightning images was taken at highway 52 and highway 287 looking south east. Boulder County, Colorado. This was one large thunderhead supercell that was striking pretty good for about two hours. This is a 15 sec – f5.6 – 200 ISO – 53mm – Long times exposure. […]