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Lightning Thunderstorm Four Cylinder Spark

A quadruple lightning spark in the sky that reminds me of a four cylinder engine sparking for some reason, crazy Colorado weather, nature showing her might. This is a view west to the foothills of the Colorado Rocky Mountains […] […]

Encounter Of The Third Kind Lake Storm

A very bright almost full moon above with an isolated thunderstorm cell all lit up with cloud to cloud lightning striking right out of Encounter Of The Third Kind. […] […]

Lake Lightning Striking Thunderstorm Cell and Full Moon

Isolated thunderstorm cell with cloud to ground lightning striking and a full moon above. This is a view from Jackson Lake state park in Morgan County Colorado looking due east. […] […]

June Colorado Lightning Storm Time Lapse Video

Catching some lightning bolts cloud to cloud and cloud to ground. Thunderstorms in northeast Boulder County Colorado. Time Lapse Video 6-5-15. […]

Jackson Lake CO Lightning Thunderstorm Watching with Moon Time Lapse

Time Lapse Video thunderstorm watching from Jackson Lake in Morgan County, Colorado. Loved watching these storms build up, go around us and then put on a nice lightning show. […]

June 4th Tornado Warnings Crazy Longmont Colorado Weather

June 4th, 2015, a tornado comes in from the east by Berthoud into North Longmont Colorado, Boulder County. Did not get the tornado on film but did get a crazy looking sky and a little Lightning. […]

Lightning Thunderstorm Watching with Moon Time Lapse Video

Thunderstorm watching from Jackson Lake in Morgan County Colorado. A day in the life of a storm catcher, for more please visit the iGallery. […]