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Colors of the Desert Monsoon Thunderstorm Lightning Bolts Striking

The beautiful colors of the Arizona Sonoran Desert during the monsoon thunderstorm season with lightning bolts striking. This was always my hang out the North Phoenix and North Scottsdale Desert. I think it is the most incredible landscape. Lots of giant saguaro cactus and large boulders in this area.Lightning Photography Image shot at 100 IS0 – 10 sec -f10 – 79mm. […]

Lightning Thunderstorm View of Phoenix from Oaxaca Restaurant

This Lightning photography print used to hang in Oaxaca Restaurant in North Scottsdale Arizona. It was a Fine Dining American food with a Mexican name that no one could pronounce. […]

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – “The Lightning Man” Rides Boulder County Storms

Call him crazy, he does what he loves: chasing lightning at night with a camera. While some Boulder County locals may gripe about the unusually wet and scary weather we’ve been having, James “Bo” Insogna races out into the middle of it. Insogna, a twenty-year veteran of lightning photography in the Arizona desert, has recently taken on the challenge of capturing Boulder County storms from his home base in Longmont. […]

Lightning Photography Video – 2

Lightning Photography Video 2 – James “Bo” Insogna – The Lightning Man

Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-07-18

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Lightning Strikes – Horses Rear and Run – Photo

The thunder cracks and the lightning hits, making the Arabian horse rear and the Quarter horse and Thoroughbred dart off in different directions. For two years I waited for this to happen. This is the real deal no photoshop magic here, back then I didn’t even have photoshop. Only a good old darkroom. The originals were shot on […] […]

Lightning Bolt Strike in The Desert

A lightning strike in the Arizona desert with giant saguaro cactus. Arizona monsoon season thunderstorm. […]