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Amazing Lightning Thunderstorm view at an Intersection of highway 287 in northeast Boulder County Colorado, a time lapse short. A day in the life of a storm catcher 07.17.2016. CRAZY Lightning thunderstorm cell that blew through town fast. Music: Voyeur by Jingle Punks.

06.27.2016. Music by MK2. Check out this time lapse of storms coming in from the NW over the Colorado Rocky Mountains heading east with a camera view to the west and camera view to the eastern plains. Beams of sunshine coming down, then watch the sun fall out of the sky, finishing up with some lightning strikes. I would have gotten more lightning images but ended up with a dead battery… stuck in the middle of nowhere and had to be rescued by my son. It’s all good.

Boulder County Agricultural Heritage Center at the Lohr/McIntosh Farm in Longmont with Longs Peak at 14,256 feet in the distance. Time Lapse Short 06.09.2016 – Photography by By Bo Insogna. Music: Monks By Topher Mohr and Alex Elena. A day in the life of a storm catcher.

Time Lapse Short of an AMAZING Colorado sunset, from Boulder County with Longs Peak in the distance. This sunset lasted well over an hour. 06.09.2016. Music: A Long Cold by Riot.

CRAZY Cool Colorado Cloud to Cloud Lightning Thunderstorms

Fantastic Lightning Thunderstorm Show NE Colorado

CRAZY Electrifying Budweiser Lightning Storm

Powerful Lightning Bolts Dance Around A Cell Tower

Epic Severe Thunderstorms Over Golden Colorado Time Lapse Short

A SIZZLING Night Of Lightning Catching Time Lapse Short

Crazy Night Skies Video Short

Awesome Night Catching Lightning Thunderstorms Time Lapse Mix

CRAZY Colorado Springtime Lightning Thunderstorms

Lightning Storms Fine Art Weather Photography Season 2015

Lightning Thunderstorms Fine Art Weather Photography

Jackson Lake CO Lightning Thunderstorm Watching with Moon Time Lapse

Lightning Thunderstorm Watching with Moon

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