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St Vrain Tree Lightning Storm July 12 2011

July 12, 2011 Boulder County,  Colorado. WOW,  what a storm this was.  Over 10,000 strikes along the Colorado Front Range.  It came in late and was hitting in all directions. For me I had no idea what way to go. So I picked the biggest brightest strongest lightning strikes and headed that way. I found a very cool pavilion to shoot under because it was raining so hard. But the rain was coming in sideways hitting my camera and lens so I found a underpass for a bike path and shot from there. Trying to get a this great composition I set up from here but it did not pan out. Bummer! I saw this in my head with much larger brighter lightning strikes that happened earlier when it was raining hard. This was along the St. Vrain River East of County Line Road and South of 119.  Fine Art Lightning Photography Print and Canvas Wall Art

Black and white fine art lightning photography print and canvas art version.


Sepia black and white fine art lightning photography print and canvas art version.



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