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Street Lightning

Longmont, Colorado, Boulder County. September 1st, 2011 a new month and the end of summer coming with the lightning season ending.  Another nice beautiful Colorado day with a stormy night.  This has been an incredible summer for lightning photography.  Almost any night if you go out right after sunset you would see lightning striking somewhere in the sky.  One thunderstorm cell always seems to light up.   No exception on this night.  I took off on my loop, it is very important that you get a 360 view of the sky if you want to spot some strikes.   I settled on the Longmont Vance Brand Municipal Airport hoping it would hit in the right spot to get a great lightning photography composition.  The first one I set up did not pan out.  Would have been cool but will have to be saved for another day.

At first when I looked at this composition with the Steet light it was too busy and lightning was a touch to far off for me.  But  has I settled in on this, I thought for something different it could be something cool.  Cars were buzzing by and that is what I wanted the more the better.  Lightning was hitting in the distance so you decide if you like these shots.  Comments welcome.


Lightning bolts striking in the sky with car light trails and the Longmont Colorado Water tower on the horizon.



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Lightning Facts: A moving thunderstorm also gathers positively charged particles along the ground that travel with the storm. As the differences in charges continue to increase, positively charged particles rise up tall objects such as trees, houses, and telephone poles—and people.

The negatively charged bottom part of the storm sends out an invisible charge toward the ground. When the charge gets close to the ground, it is attracted by all the positively charged objects, and a channel develops. The subsequent electrical transfer in the channel is lightning.

If your hair stands up in a storm, it could be a bad sign that positive charges are rising through you, reaching toward the negatively charged part of the storm. That’s not a good sign! Your best bet is to get yourself immediately indoors.


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