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Lightning Tree Silhouette 29 Art Print

Lightning Tree Silhouette Images number 29. I chased this tree and thunderstorms with lightning bolts a couple of nights one season. It really caught my attention. Boulder County, Colorado. […] […]

Anheuser-Busch Brewery Lightning Thunderstorm Catch Time Lapse Video

Anheuser-Busch Brewery Lightning Thunderstorm chase and catch, Fort Collins, Colorado. Lightning thunderstorm short time lapse loop. […] […]

Pinnacle Peak Surrounded in Black and White

Pinnacle Peak, Arizona, surrounded by lightning bolts. Lightning striking on both sides and above during a monsoon thunderstorm. 25 sec exposure, one strike. This was shot on film back when I used to shoot with bulb and let go after something big happened. […] […]

Orionid Meteor Shower Colorado Astrological Weather Night Time Lapse

An Astrological Weather kind of night, Orionid Meteor Shower, view from the high country in Boulder County, Colorado. […] […]

American Bald Eagle Watching Video

American Bald Eagle watching in Boulder County Colorado, This was a nice surprise. Hope you enjoy! […] […]

Things Are Looking Up

Beautiful Autumn day in Boulder County Colorado, a view looking up an old maple tree. Video Blog a day in the life of a professional photographer Bo Insogna, and under: Video Tagge… […]

Where the Buffalo Roam – Boulder County Colorado – Video

Chasing Buffalo in Boulder County Colorado home to the Buffalo’s. (Go Buffs : ). A little detour on the way back to the studio to watch these great animals roam. […]