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Pinnacle Peak Surrounded in Black and White

Pinnacle Peak, Arizona, surrounded by lightning bolts. Lightning striking on both sides and above during a monsoon thunderstorm. 25 sec exposure, one strike. This was shot on film back when I used to shoot with bulb and let go after something big happened. […] […]

Lightning Striking Longs Peak Foothills BW

Lightning bolts, cloud to ground striking the front range foothills of the Colorado Rocky Mountains in Boulder County. A view of the Twin Peaks, Mount Meeker 13,911′ and Longs Peak 14,256′ in the distance. Black and white version by storm chase Bo Insogna aka The Lightning Man […]

Sonoran Desert Sepia Storm

The Arizona Sonoran Desert during monsoon thunderstorm season with lightning bolts striking. 100 IS0 – 10 sec -f10 – 79mm – Sepia Print. Prints Online Sonoran Desert Storm […]

North Boulder Colorado Front Range View BWSC

A view of north Boulder Colorado and Boulder County up to the snow dusted Indian Peaks and continental divide. […]

Looking Back Sepia Railroad Panorama

Panorama sepia black and white mono tone view of a back of an old rusty rustic train car with scenic view of train tracks from the back window. […]

Autumn Grazing Horses Bonanza BW

Grazing horses in the Bonanza Valley, autumn season, Saguache County, Colorado. Black and white version. […]

Boulder Canyon Drive and Selective Commute

A favorite drive and commute. Colorado’s Boulder Creek and Canyon goes through a significant change in scenery as it moves from top to bottom toward the town of Boulder. Between Nederland’s Barker Reservoir, in the western, and the Boulder town limits in the eastern, the creek moves through Boulder Canyon. […]