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Eye of The Forest

View looking upward through the pine trees from the middle of National Forest Wilderness to the eye in the sky Milky Way above in the midnight hour. […]

Dancing to the Sunset

Scenic rural nature county landscape view looking towards a group of old cottonwood trees with a sunset sky. When the wind blows it looks like these trees are dancing to the golden sunlight. […]

Starry Night Into The Light

This is a view from Peak to Peak highway in the high elevation of the Rocky Mountains, looking southeast to stars in the deep blue sky, there was a semi full moon lighting things up and lights trails from cars buzzing by. […]

View Through The Trees To Longs Peak BW

A scenic landscape black and white view from McIntosh Lake in Longmont Colorado, Boulder County looking through the trees and across the lake to snow covered Longs Peak 14,256 feet high a view I never get tired of. […]

Looking Back Panorama

Panorama view of a back of an old rusty rustic train car with scenic view of a sunset and train tracks from the back window. Composite image. […]

Looking Back Sepia Railroad Panorama

Panorama sepia black and white mono tone view of a back of an old rusty rustic train car with scenic view of train tracks from the back window. […]

Looking Upstream The Colorado St Vrain River

A scenic summer view looking up the St Vrain Creek. St. Vrain Creek often known locally as the St. Vrain River is a tributary of the South Platte River, approximately 32.2 miles long, in north central Colorado in the United States. It drains part of the foothills north of Boulder and the Colorado Piedmont area […] […]