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Follow the Yellow Lines

Following the double yellow lines as the back-country road winds through the trees in the Colorado autumn season. […] […]

Colorado Autumn High Elevation Rocky Mountain 4 Wheeling

Scenic landscape view of a rural Colorado autumn back-country high elevation Rocky Mountain 4 wheeling dirt road one of the the back ways into to Central City, Colorado. […]

Back Road To Autumn

Colorado high country dirt road the back way to Central City, Colorado. There is Gold in these hills, gold mines every where. Such a cool drive, views and place. […]

Back Country Road And Then The Rain Came

Back country dirt road in Boulder County, Colorado with the mood of rain in the air and thunderstorm overhead. […]

Thunderstorm Tidal Wave

The first stop on this storm chase as I am under a massive thunderstorm tidal wave. The sky was lighting up the sky pretty good with big inter-cloud burst. This big massive storm cloud was moving very fast… […]

Center of The Storm

The sky was lighting up pretty good with big inter-cloud burst. This was the first stop on my storm chase. Big massive storm clouds moving very fast. At this point the lightning strikes were cloud to cloud and inter- cloud. Here is a good example of the monster thunderstorm above me with the bolt just peeking out the center of the storm. […]

Double Yellow Storm Chase

So here we are on the double yellow lines, with a little light painting to light them up. When that say isolated thunderstorms you can see how this one is “isolated”, with star trails above and around the thunderhead. […]